Model A Ford Sport Coupe Interior Trim Refurbishment Part 1 – Rumble Seat Area

The Coupe has had a previous interior restoration that wasn’t of the highest quality, and in fact it has the wrong trim kit fitted, this is evidenced in a number of areas.

The side trims in the rumble seat area whilst fitting well in this area do not fit into the passenger space correctly. So the rumble seat and trims were removed.


Once removed there were a number of bolts that were too long and were interfering with the trims.

Once the trims were out of the car the glue was removed from the vinyl to allow the pieces to make them fit correctly to be identified and cut to size.

The cut edges of the trim were cleaned up with sandpaper and the vinyl was attached to the new trim edges. Yes the clamping was a little agricultural but it did the trick.

It’s odd that the wrong kit was fitted as it’s a genuine LeBaron Bonney item, may it was from a clearance sale? 🙂

Stay tuned for the next instalment!



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