This is America: Glacier View’s clunker-off-a-cliff Fourth of July celebration – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

There’s a sense of wonder to a good fireworks show. We find a good place to sit with our friends and family, spread out a blanket, and relax. Anticipation builds–not the dread and anxiety that often follows us from day to day–rather the knowledge that something wonderful is about to happen, something delightful and out of the ordinary, some sort of catharsis.
Like children, we grow impatient. We look around and see both the people we know and the people we don’t, all turned to the same point in the distance, all waiting for the same thing. It occurs to us that, for one moment, all of us – no matter our differences – are united in this activity, we’re all looking forward to the same thing. Doesn’t matter that it’ll last for a brief moment, doesn’t matter exactly what we’re celebrating, doesn’t matter that we’ll honk at each other as we’re caught in the traffic jam leaving the parking area afterward, we can all express our awe together.

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