Like ESPN, we offer our own Top 10: Favorite Fords – Larry Edsall

Like ESPN, we offer our own Top 10: Favorite Fords – Larry Edsall


During the recent Fourth of July weekend, Disney+ debuted the original-cast performance of the historic Broadway musical, Hamilton. To help promote the event, and its parent company, ESPN’s Sports Center offered up one of its 10-best segments, this one featuring the 10-best Hamiltons.

The list didn’t include everyone’s favorite Hamilton, the $10 bill, but it did include two racing drivers, Bobby Hamilton of NASCAR and F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, and was topped at No. 1 by Olympic gold-medalist figure skater Scott Hamilton.

My first response was, “What! No Hamilton Burger, Perry Mason’s favorite courtroom opponent?” But then I thought about the exercise and wondered if there was a way to twist it for use here, and thus this list of my 10 favorite Fords.

Yes, I considered 10-favorite Chevrolets and some other automotive brands, but to get variety desired, it seemed was quickest and, yes, easiest to focus on Fords. So, with apologies to Henry Ford II, Francis Ford Coppola, Ford Frick, President Gerald Ford, and Harrison Ford, here’s my list:

10. The Model A — Yes, the Model T was the car that put the world on wheels, but if you’ve driven both the T and the A, you know that the A is the way to go. No crank starter. No complicated set of levers. Standard pedals and shifting.

9. Tennessee Ernie Ford — Hey, we never said this was going to be a list only of Ford vehicles.  I remember sitting at my grandparents’ home as they watched this “pea-pickin’ good” entertainer. Besides, in writing this, I discovered that Tennessee Ernie studied classical music at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, a school my father attended before he switched to the University of Cincinnati’s pharmacy college.

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