Full-frame midsize Fords won’t break the bank, so which ones would you restore, preserve, or modify? – Jeff Koch @Hemmings

[Editor’s Note: Everybody has their own idea of how best to approach an old car, and our staffers are no exception. With Restore, Modify, Preserve, we’re asking them to comb through the Hemmings.com classifieds in search of three similar vehicles and then to tell us which of those three they think best deserves a white-glove restoration, which should be left alone as much as possible, and which should get the custom or hot rod treatment. Let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree.]
Ford’s 1972-’79 midsize platform underpinned millions of cars in the earliest decade of Malaise: Ford Torino, LTD II, and Ranchero, Mercury Montego, and from 1977-’79 the newly-downsized Thunderbird/Cougar twins. (Keep in mind that downsize is relative: a “downsized” ’77 Thunderbird was still more than 18 feet long.) That gives you a potentially wide selection of coupes, sedans, fastbacks, formal roofs, convertibles, and pickups, in every body style short of a convertible, in any spec from stripper to puttin’ on the Ritz. Yet finding them in the Hemmings Classifieds is a bit of a challenge: there are plenty of Thunderbirds and Rancheros, and a fair number of Cougars, but few Torinos or Montegos to speak of. We feel that this will change, that interest in these plus-sized midsize Blue Ovals will come around, and the interchangeability of parts on these will help bring about interest in people wanting to get in on the ground floor of the hobby

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