Before social media, these vacation souvenir decals were how you shared your life with strangers – Richard Lentinello @Hemmings

Long before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and countless other online platforms made our lives a jumble of hot takes, thirst traps, and memes, back when you stuck a dime in your penny loafers in case you needed to make a phone call (that is, if you could find a phone booth) the primary social media instrument of the day was your car’s rear window and back bumper.

This was where you “voiced” your interests, in the form of bumper stickers or window decals.During the later part of the 1940s all the way into the ’60s, when Americans excitedly took to the new interstates to visit places of interests such as national parks, scenic towns, and national monuments, vacation decals were all the rage. Plastered on the rear window of the family car – especially on station wagons – they were a proud announcement to your neighbors that you had the good fortune to vacation in a place where few Americans at the time had visited. Those window decals were our Facebook posts of the day

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  1. Gone are the days where you saw camper vans covered in stickers, or badges of honour! 😟

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