An eight-door Checker Aerobus could be ideal or disastrous for social distancing, your choice – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

When a car has as many seats as this 1968 Checker Aerobus for sale on has, you enter a whole ‘nother world of problems. Aside from the materials costs and the frustration of adjusting all those added doors, you also have to start figuring out seating assignments like a couple before their wedding. Who gets to sit in the way back and who sits in the way way back? Who gets the row with the sunroof above it?

Then again, all those doors open up a world of possibilities. Your introvert friends can come along but still get a seat all to themselves. It meets social-distancing guidelines. Replace the seats with gas tanks and drive nonstop pretty much anywhere in the world without filling up. Or put a small nuclear generator in the trunk and don’t worry about radiation poisoning because you’re already driving the car from the next county over. From the seller’s description:

This is the 8 door with a 189 inch wheel base. This car spent some time in the California Auto Museum in Sacramento. Upgraded motor, dual exhausts, air, new interior in dark gray, great sound system and newer tires and 20 inch custome wheels. It runs great and can be shown as is or taken to the next level. You will probably be the only one at a car show and you can bring all your friends.

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