Maximum Vehicle Protection for the Chevrolet S10 Xtreme Truck – Back in the day!


Article on the original cover for the S10 from 8 years ago!

 Covercraft is a  well known for manufacturing high quality fully tailored indoor and outdoor car covers for a huge variety of vehicles including pick up trucks. So when a customer came to us looking to cover his Chevy S10 Xtreme Truck, Covercraft was the obvious choice. Making fully tailored covers is a complicated and highly skilled task. The Americans sport a  dazzling array of pick up trucks and an even more mind-boggling array of options and permutations! Covercraft carry over 74,000 patterns (and that’s just for cars and trucks, not including the motorcycle coversHarley Davidson covers and jet ski covers!) So when we find a US spec vehicle in the UK requiring a cover, Covercraft always come up trumphs! Ultimate Finish offers three different types of outdoor material by Covercraft – Weathershield HPNoah and Technalon II, after an initial consultation and much deliberation, the customer opted for the Noah. Noah is a three-layer material, which offers around 90% water resistance, excellent breathable properties as well as protection from UV, industrial and environmental fallout, bird droppings, cat’s claws, etc!  It has a nice, soft, fleecy inner lining to pamper paintwork and the cover is thick enough to offer a certain degree of protection from “dings” and knocks from careless passers-by! When the cover arrived direct from the US, our customer was so pleased with the perfect fit and the quality of the workmanship that he immediately got in touch and sent us the photographs you see below!

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