Predictions about roads of the future were wrong – Larry Edsall

In 1958 Ford did a scale model of a nuclear-powered car for the future | Rivervale Leasing illustrations

Self-driving cars, hydrogen fuel and flying vehicles – big things are being planned for the motor industry, but how many of those predictions proved to be correct?

So, “ We investigated old car news and archives of motor magazines to find out what we once thought was possible. Check out our five visualized scenes below to see what our roads should look like, according to historic predictions:

“In 1957, it was predicted that our roads would become tubes! An engineer working for the American aerospace and technology company Honeywell imagined that we would have a ‘network of pneumatic tubes’ by 2000.

Nuclear power stations for refueling our cars

“In 1958, Ford produced a nuclear-powered concept car known as the Ford Nucleon. The futuristic scale model was designed to ‘explore how the future of energy might affect the future of automotive design.’

The reactors inside the cars were supposed to be replaced every 5,000 miles at recharging stations. Instead of filling up at the pump, your reactor would be swapped with a new one, with different options available if you have a high-torque or fuel-efficient model.

“When the Nucleon was revealed, the technology was still being researched and it was thought that nuclear power would be a practical energy source. However, obvious safety issues and technical problems meant that this car never went ahead.

“Research by Stanford Universityexplains that nuclear-powered cars could be possible one day, thanks to advancements in technology. However, it’s more likely that the atomic energy would be used ‘indirectly’ and not actually part of the vehicle.”

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