WATCH THIS: the epic tradition of loading a trailer – Dan Stoner @Hemmings

Ah, yes: the trailer.

Much like the trucks we pull them with, you can’t live this life without a trailer. And there are two types of gearheads: those who own trailers and those who borrow/rent/beg/need a trailer. Now, if you’ve been getting the Muscle Machines newsletter in your inbox every Thursday, you know we’re huge fans of the best hot rod shop in the greater Boyertown, PA area, Iron Trap Garage. These guys seem to always be extracting, hosing off, pushing, pulling, lifting, building and driving some of our favorite revival hot rods.

Now, this particular Iron Trap video is really about a ’34 Ford Tudor and a Deuce 5-window that he’d been working the deal on for quite some time. This crowning moment in any hot-rodder’s life was recorded for posterity and, y’know, we couldn’t be more enthralled by the whole thing. This is what dreams are made of, after all: dragging a car into the daylight for the first time in decades so you can see what you just bought, for better or worse. But it’s all fun, no matter the outcome

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