Here’s the process we used to restore the seat base on the Sport Coupe

1929 Model Sport Coupe Base Underside

Removing the cover, foam and padding which was attached via a combination of nails and hog rings. Once the cover was removed the details from LeBaron Bonney were found and the production date was 1997

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The seat base had clearly been worked on before and as we began the strip down we found that some interesting repair methods had been employed, now it may be that some of the repair work had been carried before the aftermarket luxury that we enjoy today.

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The chicken wire or fencing had been wired onto the springs of the seat base, this was very sharp and not easy to remove.

Once all the wire and other detritus was removed if was found that a number of the springs were broken. These were repaired using metal brake pipe

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To add additional support to the springs they were stuffed with high density foam which also has the added advantage of making the seat more comfortable and quieter in operation.

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Once the foam was added to all the springs webbing was added and the hessian base was applied via hog rings.

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The layers of of foam and padding were then added and secured with hog rings and stitching

Before the cover was refitted a number of repairs were required, including a new piece of material dyed with tea to match.

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The cover was then put into place and secured with staples from an air powered staple gun and the edges stitched in place, rather than the previous effort which was damaged by the use of hog rings. Some tape was added around the edges for a neater finish. Once this was completed the base was test fitted to the car.

This is not the way that everyone would do this but it works!