Are modern SUVs really all that different from this 1946 De Soto Custom Suburban? – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings

Like any full-size SUV on the market today, this 1946 De Soto Custom Suburban for sale on is big. Big enough for three rows of seats. Big enough to hold all sorts of stuff. Big enough to make any trip comfortable. Big enough to require calling ahead to the next zip code to see if it’s okay to change lanes

Unlike any full-size SUV on the market today, it does not have the four-wheel drive necessary for venturing out in half an inch of snow to hoard all the milk and bread from the grocery store.

Nor does it have a massive V-8 that allows one to set the cruise control at 85 and road rage at the people whose bumpers one rides up on. Make of that what you will.Like any full-size SUV on the market today, it’s far from a barebones workhorse. Wood accents, chrome, leather.

That dashboard is a thing of beauty.

Unlike any full-size SUV on the market today, no gadgets other than a radio and clock and that spot lamp. Less to go wrong, but also less to keep the kids entertained on long trips.

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  1. liked your writing comparison of suv to this vehicle made more enjoyable and puts a smile on the face. thankyou.

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