Ford Model A as a Daily Driver – Paul Shinn @YouTube


After driving a 1931 Ford Model A as a daily driver for just over a year, your master Model A mechanic has some advice and answers your questions.

Another great video from Paul, best Model A content on YouTube!

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  1. Would like to talk to Paul Have 29 Sport Coupe, The people in this area seem to think everything about a model A is top secret, Cant get any info about anything from the clubs around here

  2. Love you’re You Tube programs very good information I have two model A, 1930 and 1931 coupe’s and have been driving them for many years I’m 78 belong to a model A club with over 300 different cars and you have the BEST site on You Tube keep the information coming thank you and you’re wife.

  3. Can you do a series on the clutch adjustment I’m having some difficulty in fine tunning my clutch, many model a owners show how to install but not how to adjust. Thanks

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