From Ford’s 1964 World’s Fair pavilion to vintage racing, the UK’s National Motor Museum has hours of video fun – Mike Austin @Hemmings


Being based in the UK, the footage tends towards European interests, such as rally racing and Ford’s consumer offerings there. Like this footage from the East African Safari Rally of 1969.

But there’s a whole lot of American Ford available too, from the 1969 Indanapolis 500 to NASCARDrag Racing, and even the 1967 US Grand Prix. A highlight, however, is a promotional real for Ford’s 1964/65 World’s Fair pavilion and the Magic Skyway ride, that takes passengers on a trip “through time and space, to the threshold of tomorrow” via Ford convertibles running on a conveyor belt

The National Motor Musuem add a new video to the Ford Heritage Channel every month. As is stands there’s so much great stuff in there that we might have to revisit a few of these videos on an individual basis. Enjoy!

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