5 Best Woodie Wagons Sold At Worldwide Auctioneers’ 2021 Scottsdale Event (5 Best Woodie Wagons Ever) – Nzilili Sam @HotCars


Though they have, for long, been extinct in production facilities, woodie wagons are still counted among the most important cars in America’s automotive history. For several decades, woodie wagons were equivalent to the modern day’s high-end SUV. Buyers loved their spacious cabins, and the quality of artistry it took to turn a pile of wood into stylish and durable car parts.

Though genuine woodie wagons fell out of favor with manufacturers and mainstream buyers due to their increasing production cost and a lack of durability, many pre-loved examples were given a second life by classic car lovers and collectors. Some well-kept examples are even exchanging hands for hundreds of thousands, entering the history books of the most expensive cars sold at auctions. Dive in as we look at five of the greatest woodie wagons of all time, versus the five best woodie wagons sold at the recently held Scottsdale sale.

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