Turbos and Regals and Grand Nationals, oh my! In the ’80s, the high-performance muscle car was supposedly a dying breed — fuel and emissions standards stifled manufacturers and forced them to put the kibosh on performance.

Starting in the late ’70s, though, General Motors searched for unorthodox methods to pump out performance while staying within emissions and fuel guidelines, a quest that led the company to Buick’s turbocharged 3.8-liter V-6.I know what you’re thinking… “V-6 engines don’t belong on the strip!” “Turbos are for imports!” or, “My great-grandfather had a Buick.” Take a look at the vintage Pure Stock Drags video below and see just how that little Buick V-6 ate Foxes, 442s, and IROCs for dinner — and even a 1985 Omni GLH for dessert.

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