Tune Up for the 1929 Model A Sport Coupe


As it looks as if the car show circuit will begin to slowly open up in 2021, it was about time to give the Sport Coupe a bit of a tune up. Plus some pinking/detonation had been present under heavy load on the last few times out.

First task was to break out the tools to make life a bit easier.

1/ NuRex timing wrench

2/ D&B Quick Point Gap Setter

First off the points gap was checked and found to be within specification

Please note these are the “modern points” however the tool works on both types of contact breakers. Prior to adjusting the points they were given a quick clean with some emery cloth, the distributor cam was lubricated and few drops of oil added to the distributor oiler.

The NuRex wrench was then used to set the timing, following the clear and simple instructions on the tool

The instructions state to have the spark lever all the way up, this works better for me with the lever one click down. They also state to make two turns, however I’ve always found that one usually does the job. You’ll need to see if either of these suggestions work for you as results will vary from vehicle to vehicle and may be better to use settings on the tool first time out

As you can see the result was a very pleasing idle with good power on road test afterwards, will need to see if the detonation issue is cured.

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