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One area where vintage Mustangs often require attention is the front suspension. Because Mustang inherited the Falcon/ Comet platform, it also received the Falcon’s rather pedestrian front suspension design. The Falcon’s unit-body platform aided its affordability, and the car’s suspension was designed for a practical commuter automobile—not performance driving

So, while the Falcon underpinnings allowed the Mustang to come to market at a relatively low price, all these years later, it’s not uncommon for those suspension components to need replacement.

We recently followed along with the work performed during a complete front suspension rebuild on a ’65 Mustang undergoing a major facelift at Mustangs, Etc. in Van Nuys, California. Because Southern California enjoys nice weather throughout the year, enthusiasts are able to drive and enjoy their classic Mustangs regularly, so worn suspension parts need to be addressed to ensure a safe driving experience. This is a budget-conscious suspension upgrade that most enthusiasts can afford.

We cannot stress the issue of safety enough. When starting on this type of project, always support your vehicle with heavy-duty 2-ton-capacity jack stands under both frame rails, confirming their stability before getting underneath the car. Coil springs pack a tremendous amount of energy while compressed, so make sure to use a high-quality coil-spring compressor designed for coilover upper-arm applications like Mustang, Falcon, Fairlane, Comet, Torino, and even 1962-’67 Chevy II. The coil springs we are installing pack 600 pounds of pressure just to compress the spring 1 inch. Never stand in the path of a compressed coil spring. Always lay them flat while compressed, and stand away from them during removal and installation

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