5 Classic Pickups That Saw Their Prices Skyrocket (5 Modern Trucks That Depreciated Like Crazy) – Maxnence Veron @HotCars


Trends are never static. That is a fact. A little over 10 years ago, Kanye West’s shutter shades were all the rage. Thankfully, the fad disappeared, as most fads do. In the automotive industry, a specific type of vehicle became very popular: the pickup truck.

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While pickup trucks can be seen everywhere nowadays, they were meant to be used as work vehicles back in the ’50s all the way to the early ’70s. As they became popular in the most recent years, several carmakers had a go at producing pickup trucks. Some pickup trucks have failed miserably in America. On the used car market, certain classic trucks are now worth a fortune, while some modern trucks have depreciated like crazy

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