A Brief Illustrated History of Chevrolet 1911-1970 – Robert Tate @MotorCities

A Brief Illustrated History of Chevrolet 1911-1970 – Robert Tate @MotorCities


In 1970, Chevrolet launched a huge advertising campaign reflecting on their history from 1911 to the present. Customers were greeted with a booklet published by General Motors called, “The Chevrolet Story 1911-1970.”

Today, the Chevrolet timeline is a part of our automotive history. Two of the early pioneers that founded Chevrolet were William Crapo “Billy” Durant, one of the founders of General Motors in 1908, and Swiss racing car driver and engineer Louis Chevrolet.

It all started on November 3, 1911 when Chevrolet Motor Company of Michigan became incorporated. The Classic Six models produced in 1912,1913 and 1914 were almost identical. In Chevy’s first production year, 1912, the price for their models was $2,150, a lot of money during the early days of automobile manufacturing.

1914 was the year when the famous Chevrolet “Bow Tie” logo had its debut. The Chevrolet models were introduced as a touring model only, and many consumers admired the styling. In ensuing years, Chevrolet sales were continued to grow rapidly. New options like an electric starter and electric lights were now becoming available. In 1916, Chevy manufacturing had grown to 70,000 units and 125,882 units the following year. In 1917, the first Chevrolet V8 engine was introduced in the D-series. Chevrolet also introduced its first truck models in 1918, which later would become a huge success. In 1919, Chevy produced its final models with wooden bodies, which have become rare and very collectible almost a century later.

The early 1920s were also very prosperous times for Chevrolet. In 1922, more Chevrolet manufacturing plants were opened to keep up with consumer demand. That momentum obviously slowed in 1929, when the stock market crashed and the country entered the Great Depression.

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