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The history of Ford in Cologne – Ford during the 1930s & WWII – The post war era – 1950s, 60s, 70s – FILMSCHÄTZE AUS KÖLN – VOM RHEIN – WELTFILMERBE


The thrilling history of Ford on the Rhine, beginning with Henry Fords visit in Octotober 1931 and the human stories of the first generation of his german workers during the founding years, the Nazi era, WWII until the 1970s. Featured eye witnesses: Agathe Herr, Ford´s first female lorry driver during the war and the mechanic Fritz Theilen, half a century on Fords payroll, he had to work hand in hand with foreign slave labours and was a well known saboteur of Ford´s military production. A documentary by the Cologne based journalist Hermann Rheindorf. Soon also in spanish and arab here on YT. 100 min. long version available in german only. requests:


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