Shade tree epicness: What could possibly go wrong? – Dan Stoner @Hemmings


Here at Hemmings Muscle MachinesWeekly, it’s no secret that we take pride in our work. And we’ll take that a step further, and say that we don’t mess around when it comes to safety in the shop and doing things right the first time. Now, that’s not to say we don’t do some things that we may or may not regret later, but we don’t make a habit of that. Mostly.

One thing we do like to take part in is the dissection of vintage photographs like this one. Is this scene something we’d feel comfortable taking some responsibility for? Would we ever find ourselves handing this guy tools and maybe a beer at the end of the day? Would get under that thing if a bolt dropped on the ground? These are the questions of the ages, kid. And the answers aren’t just as cut-and-dry or as obvious as one might think. What kind of advice would you give this guy? And have you ever owned a lift like that? Looks like it’s a legit, manufactured apparatus, but….

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