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1973 Ford Capri Becomes Restomod After Drag Racing Career: Video – Brett Foote @FordAuthority


Often referred to as the European cousin of the Ford Mustang, the Ford Capri has long been a popular vehicle to modify and race in a variety of motorsports across the world. But as is the case with most race cars, a lot of these old Capris are beaten down and used up after a hard life, many winding up as nothing more than a pile of spare parts. That isn’t the case with this 1973 Ford Capri owned by Jerry LaCoss, however, as he treated it to a luxurious restomod makeover after its days of drag racing were over.

LaCoss spent two years giving the 1973 Ford Capri a total makeover, inspired by a 1972 Capri he purchased many years ago when he used it as a family hauler. He’s always appreciated the model’s European styling and interesting history, so he knew exactly what he wanted to do with this one, which LaCoss purchased as a stripped-out shell from a friend.

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