Certainly more than any car before it, the Model T inspired a vast aftermarket. Owners could purchase parts to make their cars go faster, look snazzier, and perform all sorts of duties a typical Tin Lizzie couldn’t. And while it’s highly unlikely any Model T owner would have transformed their car by replacing just about every stock part with an aftermarket equivalent, as has been done with this Mercury-bodied 1926 Ford Model T speedster listed for sale on, the end result – a sort of showcase of what was possible if somebody had the funds and the inclination to build the ultimate T – is fascinating, a sort of “Day Two” car from nearly a century before that term was even coined. From the seller’s description:

This is an award winning car, and one of the few complete examples of a Mercury Body Speedster including factory fenders, step-plates, windshield, and dropped front axle…

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