Electric Fuel Pump Switch Solution

Electric Fuel Pump Switch Solution


Since making the change to the Stromberg 97, Scalded Dog setup which necessitated a move to an electric fuel pump as the gravity feed won’t supply enough fuel.

The pump is on a switch through a relay. Deliberately not wired via the ignition leaving the option to switch the pump on and off independently. The switch was initially under the dash making it a bit awkward to operate. This can also lead to the pump not being switched on and off at the most inappropriate moments.

To make this a bit more user friendly dash mounting was required. As are difficult to mount items on the dash for various reasons.

Also the aim is to not make the installation “too modern” looking. To this end a twin gauge mount was modified to hold the switch and part of the fuel tank rail a good place to mount the modified part.

Looks pretty unobtrusive, but I’m sure “a purist” will have something to say at a show soon!

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