The annual West Berkshire Classic Car Show was the next port of call on the local show circuit. Held at Newbury Race Course in bright sunshine it was a really good day out. The show field was a real mixed bag with an expected turn out of around 1000 cars, a good number of which were American with a selection featured here.

Starting with a couple of nice Mustangs

Then on to the Corvettes

and some Cobras

Followed by some stunning full size iron

And of course some Trucks (including mine, and a a van!)

Nice Model T that is often to be seen at local shows, big deal you say? The owner is 91 and happily drives it everywhere 🙂

Here’s the rest!

The added fun was the attendance of Henry Cole and his gang including Allen Millyard (who lives locally) with his wild self built Dodge Viper V10 bike

Allen firing up the Viper bike!

Henry doing a piece to camera, we got to to meet him, and he’s as pleasant as he seems on TV.