The Ford Good Drivers League

The Ford Good Drivers League


Interesting little snippet of history from The Boise City News in 1942 plus a YouTube video from Crittenden Automotive Library

Edsel Ford announcing a driver safety initiative not too long before he sadly passed away.

I wonder how successful the “Ford Good Drivers League” ended up?

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  1. Bill McCoskey – I was born with a greasy wrench in my mouth instead of that silver spoon. My parents and their friends all said I could tell them make, model and even year of most cars by the time I was 5. I bought my first car [1948 Packard] at age 14, and by the time I had a driver's license, I had 2 more Packards. My education was electrical and electronics engineering, but also having ADHD, I realized it just wasn't going to be a good idea to sit behind a desk 5 days a week. After school, The US Army decided to draft me, sending me to mechanics school. On arrival in Central Germany, I discovered the attraction to rare and unusual European cars. Once back in the USA, I started my own antique car business, and I've owned, bought and sold over 1,500 vehicles to date. My interests tends to run towards the rare and unusual, 1930s thru 1970s. Auto Union SP1000 to Tatra V8, Studebaker Golden Hawk to Rolls-Royce Cloud I, 1938 Ford convertible sedan to 1959 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, my tastes are pretty eclectic and wide ranging. My profile photo is me behind the wheel of the 1956 Packard Predictor, at the National Studebaker Museum.
    Bill McCoskey says:

    This was a great promotional idea. It would attract young boys age 14 to 19 [future car buyers] to come into the Ford dealer’s facility with a driving parent, and as stated in the article, it didn’t matter what make of car the family had, potentially giving the Ford people the opportunity to talk with another potential customer, and talk them into a Ford. Not only were the boys given a free booklet on safe driving, but they also ended up with free membership cards and a button they could wear. I can imagine a boy in school showing off his new Ford Good Drivers’ League button and ID card, and the other boys going home to ask their parent to take them to the Ford dealer too!

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