“Stock” Cars of the 1950s – Ryan @Jalopy Journal

“Stock” Cars of the 1950s – Ryan @Jalopy Journal


A few weeks back, I did a post on American race car livery. A week or so after that, I attempted to express my opinion on innovation, traditional hot rodding, and directions for the future. As part of that, I commented that I’d like to feature more examples of how fellas can do something fresh without building something necessarily contemporary.

Then, this morning the two features kind of came together in my head. I’ve never been much for street cars painted up like race cars. You shouldn’t paint a number on your door if your car hasn’t ever sniffed a race track, right? But… I think if your car is otherwise equipped and you’ve sacrificed enough and… well, why the hell not?

To me, a perfect starting point would be something like a 1956 Ford. Drop in a heavily warmed over 312 that looks almost stock, but sounds anything but. Add to that a nice floor shifted 4-speed and then make sure the stock brakes are working as efficiently as possible. The stance would be super important as well, but I think the money would be made with weight saving methods.

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