Ford flatheads race at Winterport’s Pinetree Jamboree – Jodi Hersey @Fox22

Ford flatheads race at Winterport’s Pinetree Jamboree – Jodi Hersey @Fox22


WINTERPORT–Folks in and around the town of Winterport got to experience a piece of history over the weekend as the Winterport Dragway hosted the Pinetree Jamboree. It’s a vintage drag race featuring cars from the 30s, 40s and 50s.

History roared to life at Winterport Dragway’s Pinetree Jamboree, a drag race featuring Ford flat head v-8 engines from 1953 or earlier.

“If someone has a 1919 Model T and they want to race it they absolutely can,” said Eli English, Founder of the Pinetree Jamboree. “These cars are are basically horse and buggies with motors in them.”

This special event is the brainchild of Pittsfield, New Hampshire resident Eli English.

“Winterport is a throwback. I call it sacred ground. It’s basically a place time forgot,” explained English. “It was an airport runway back in the 40s then in 1967 they started racing cars here and have been racing them ever since.”

Vintage car owners from Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and other states drive their campers, and trailer their well worn and well loved race cars to the Winterport Dragway, where for three days these drivers can race their set of wheels down the dragstrip as fast and as often as they like.

“You can putt-putt down the track or burn the tires and go as fast as you can,” stated Al Dyer, Fairfield resident and Pinetree Jamboree participant.

Pinetree Jamboree participants don’t compete for a cash prize or even a trophy at this event, instead they race for the experience as well as the bragging rights.

“We are truly racing against ourselves. We aren’t racing to win. If my car can go home on its own power, I‘ve won,” explained Lisa English, Pinetree Jamboree participant.

There’s no denying these automobiles are the main attraction of the Pinetree Jamboree, but for classic car owner Bonnie Dyer of Fairfield, it’s also about the people.

“It’s about meeting new people,” said Dyer. “We all share the same interest. No egos. Everybody tries to help everyone. They want to help.

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