Vevor Air Jack – The story so far

Vevor Air Jack – The story so far


I’ve had a Vevor air jack for quite a while now so I thought an update was in order

The jack is effectively a portable air bag and as the title suggests an air compressor is required.

The model I have is detailed below

VEVOR Pneumatic Jack 3 tons Pneumatic Jack Pressure 1.0 MPa Pneumatic Bottle Jack Lifting Time 5 Seconds 17-41 cm, Inflatable Jack 1 Adjustable Wrench, Car All-Terrain Vehicles Red

It’s a very well made product with a good quality air bag and valving equipment. Out of the box the only commissioning required was to cut and attach the air feed pipe to the handle.

So far I’ve found it to be an excellent addition to the armoury.

Far more useful than a trolley jack as you can see below quite easy to use in awkward situations where the use of a normal jack would be a challenge.

In normal use the effort required to lift a vehicle versus a normal jack is virtually zero, and of course the speed of lift goes without saying, but of course is

Demonstration of full lift, block of in use here to aid lift on a beam axle.

Awkward terrain rear end lift on Chevy S10 Xtreme truck

I think the only modification I’d like to see on the product is a slightly more prominent lift pad.

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