Back in 1968, Steve McQueen led antagonists on a wild chase through the streets of San Francisco behind the wheel of an iconic green Ford Mustang for his role as detective Lieutenant Frank Bullitt in Bullitt. A modern reboot of the classic movie is on the horizon, set to be directed by Steven Spielberg and star Bradley Cooper in the titular role.

Details on the upcoming film are slim thus far, but it will be developed by Warner Brothers. The entertainment studio has stated that the new rendition of Bullitt will be “completely different” from the original. Cooper will produce the film alongside Spielberg, with Chad McQueen and Molly McQueen, Steve McQueen’s son and granddaughter, serving as executive producers. It’s not clear at this time when the movie could be released.

The Blue Oval has made several efforts to keep the “Bullitt” name synonymous with the Mustang over the last 54 years since the movie’s initial release. In the late 1960s, Ford released a more aggressive version of the first-generation Mustang to commemorate the film. The pony car’s 2008 model year lineup included another Bullitt-inspired Mustang that borrowed elements from the GT500 models, and a sixth-generation version returned for a brief production run in 2019. As previously reported by Ford Authority, the final Ford Mustang Bullitt rolled off the assembly line at the Flat Rock Assembly plant in late 2020.

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