After having the inspection and repair carried out on the drum it was now time to clean up the drum and inspect the bearings.

After a soaking in the paraffin bucket to loosen up the old grease it was time for the parts washer. Parts washer is a little small but does the job

Bearing are being soaked in Paraffin and appear to be in good shape and Timken originals having the Ford markings and part numbers. Reason for soaking is again the need to remove the old grease.

Things are now a lot cleaner and the bearing races are in as good a shape as the actual bearings

Looking at the part number it seems this is a 1940 – 48 hub and drum so should match the one currently on the drivers side.

Currently and since I got the car the drum on the passenger side is the Lincoln type as far as I know, either way it doesn’t match

These differ as they are ribbed

You can see the state of things when the car arrived nearly 10 years ago here

Once the bearings have had a good soak then work can continue.

Need to do some research on the grease cap on the “new” drum as it’s threaded and my be difficult to obtain.