The Packard Motor Car Company was an American automobile manufacturer that operated from 1899 to 1958.

James Ward Packard and William Doud Packard

The company was founded in 1899 by James Ward Packard, his brother William, and a partner named George Weiss. The Packard brothers had previously built their own car and were looking to start a business manufacturing automobiles.

1916 Packard Twin Six Touring (1-35)By Lars-Göran Lindgren Sweden – Own work

Packard quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality luxury cars, and by the 1920s, it was one of the leading luxury car manufacturers in the world. The company’s cars were known for their elegant styling, advanced engineering, and smooth performance.

1927 Packard Fourth Series Six Model 426 Runabout Roadster (Wikipedia)

During World War II, Packard produced aircraft engines and other military equipment.

Packard Merlin V-1650-7 (Wikipedia)

After the war, the company returned to producing automobiles and introduced several popular models, including the Packard Clipper and the Packard Caribbean.

1953 Packard Caribbean Convertible – By Mr.choppers – Own Work

However, by the 1950s, Packard was facing increased competition from larger automakers and struggling financially. In 1954, the company merged with Studebaker, another struggling automobile manufacturer, in an attempt to stay afloat.

Packard Executive Hardtop Modell 5677 (1956) (Wikipedia)

The merger was unsuccessful, and Packard ceased production of automobiles in 1958. The Studebaker-Packard Corporation continued to produce Studebaker cars until 1966.

Today, Packard is remembered as one of the great luxury car manufacturers of the early 20th century, known for its beautiful designs, advanced engineering, and commitment to quality. The company’s legacy continues through Packard clubs and enthusiasts, who keep the memory of these iconic cars alive.

The National Packard Museum opened on July 4, 1999. Our 23,000 square foot complex is located next to the W.D. Packard Music Hall and Packard Park in Warren, Ohio’s historic district. The museum houses a rotating display of original and restored Packard automobiles as well as original documents, photographs, artifacts, and interpretive materials that chronicle the illustrious history of the Packard family, the Packard Motor Car Company, and the Packard Electric Company.