Nice Score, Wheels & Tyres/Tires!


Scored some nice Denman 750 x 16 Whitewalls

Also some 1935 wire wheels, only really wanted x 2 so I can swap in the 750s. However always handy to have spares as they don’t make em anymore 🙂

These will look really tidy when painted or powder coated. Will pick the best four of the eight that I have to refurbish as the “A” set.

The rims came with a set of V8 hubcaps, my car originally came with V8 caps and those were sold and replaced by Ford script caps, so these are also surplus to requirements.

Looking forward to getting the chosen wheels and tyres on the car!

However also some decisions to be made on the steel rims that I’ve had for a while.

After a smarten up they may be on the way to a new owner.

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