Brooklands Easter Classic Car Gathering 2023

Brooklands Easter Classic Car Gathering 2023


Fabulous weather for the Brooklands Easter Classic Car Gathering. As always a good turn out from across the pond amongst the normal large turnout.

The sun always makes everything great, more folks turn out, the mood is better and the vehicles look superb! Brooklands of course is a fantastic venue with the historic banked track and the aviation displays as an excellent backdrop with masses of space.

My favourite car of the show was the 1935 Terraplane

A beautiful example of 1930s style

The Terraplane was a car brand and model built by the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan, between 1932 and 1938. In its maiden year, the car was branded as the Essex-Terraplane; in 1934 the car became simply the Terraplane. They were inexpensive, yet powerful vehicles that were used in both town and country. The Terraplane name was used for both cars and trucks.

More information here at Wikipedia

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