Oil Pressure and Vacuum Gauges for the Sport Coupe

Oil Pressure and Vacuum Gauges for the Sport Coupe


To add to the limited instrumentation of the Model A oil pressure and vacuum gauges are a useful addition.

The oil gauge is a new unit from O’Neil Vintage Ford as is the gauge mount which fits under the existing dashboard

The vacuum gauge is a vintage Feeney & Johnson unit from eBay at a very reasonable price

The gauges were then test fitted into the mounting

A good fit!

On to the installation

First job is to remove the oil gallery plug (seen better days!) Was a bit concerned that this might be difficult to remove, however no issues with the removal.

The fittings provided with the gauge were then checked and Permatex sealer applied to block fitting and PTFE tape to the pipe fitting. The pipe end was a little rough, so a clean up with a file was required. The two fittings and pipe were then installed. Applied a bit of a bend to the pipe to ensure clearance with the throttle linkage.

The capillary pipe was then run through the firewall via the wiring grommet and then routed in the wiring clips

Again the end of the pipe needed a adjustment with a file once again. Another point to note is that the fitting at the gauge end cannot be fitted unless the gauge is removed from the mounting. Again sealer and PTFE were used to avoid leaks

The vacuum gauge was a more simple affair, just a matter of teeing into the vacuum wiper pipe under the dash and then securing the gauges.

On initial start up, both readings are good. Need to bear in mind that the 1929 Model has a non pressurised oiling system, so the reading on the gauge relates to the oil flow into the valve chest, however a good indicator of circulation. The vacuum reading at idle is well within specification.

Oil pressure reading warm is acceptable for this engine. Had a slight leak at the gauge end after testing, easily fixed by tightening.

Will see how they perform on the next run out!

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