Gallery – Model A and Celebrities @MAFCA

Gallery – Model A and Celebrities @MAFCA


Really interesting celebrity gallery from the MAFCA website

Model A’s were even popular with celebrities. The very first Model A off the line was given by Henry Ford to his good friend Thomas Edison. That car is currently in the MAFFI museum in Hickory Corners, MI.

Mr. Rogers, Television Personality

His 1928 Sport Coupe was featured on one of his television shows in the 1970s.

FDR – Governor of New York, 1929-1933

Before he was elected President, Roosevelt was photographed in many Model A Fords. This photo came from the FDR archives.

Doris Day – Actress

Doris was given this 1930 De Luxe Roadster by a fan in the 1980s and had it restored. She was often seen driving around Carmel California. Doris passed in 2019 and the car was auctioned off.

Andy Griffith

With his collection of antique automobiles at home in Toluca Lake, California

Plenty more on the MACFA page

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