Attended the annual show at Popham, always a good one and it’s the first time I’ve managed to take the Sport Coupe as circumstances always conspired against in the past

As you can see in the photo we came upon a couple of Austin Sevens, and due to the horrible Model A gearing we were constantly in between 2/3 gears for a few miles!

Ended up parked next to a nice GT40 🙂

The weather wasn’t the best a little cold with intermittent showers.

Despite this the show field was pretty full with a good varied selection of vehicles. As always here at Automotive American we feature vehicles from the other side of the pond or connected in some way.

Pretty good selection of Model T/A/B based stuff, including John Cochran’s very original Tudor sporting his recently added trunk and rack.

The standout car of the day for me was the 1931 movie used Willys Knight 87. This is a really stunning vehicle!

Very clean DeLorean attracted the usual attention.

Interesting 1990 Crown Victoria LTD Police Car, really tidy and complete example. Nice to see a 90s Crown Vic, not many in the UK.

Some of the rest from the show field

Finishing off with a couple of vintage planes that arrived on the day. These I believe are Pietenpol Air Campers