The Race of the Gentlemen (T.R.O.G.) Flabob Airstrip Drags kicked off on Saturday, April 15, bringing hot rod and racing fans back to the heydays of racing for good old-fashioned fun. The scene resembled a flashback to the ‘50s, with old school traditional rods, vintage motorcycles and a flag person leaping high between staged drag racers to signal each start.

T.R.O.G. is an event that has been celebrating the “run what ya brung” ‘40s and ‘50s hot rod and motorcycle drag racing culture since 2012. The first race, held on the beach in Allenhurst, N.J., was an instant success. Now acclaimed to be “The Greatest Race on Earth,” T.R.O.G. has spread small town excitement through various locations across both coasts, paying homage to the simpler days when at-home mechanics and hot rodders wrenched around the clock.

Much like the ‘50s, T.R.O.G. enforces minimal racing rules. Elapsed times are not tracked and there are no formal racing classes. Vehicle requirements are limited to pre-1935 hot rods and pre-1947 motorcycles with a preference for tank shifters. Four-cylinder, flat-sixes and flathead V-8 engines are eligible to race. Only traditional, American-made parts are allowed, including old carburetors and steel wheels. Roll bars are optional and old-fashioned open-face helmets are acceptable. The above restrictions are what makes this race so unique and a joy to photograph. The spirit of old school racing is still alive through T.R.O.G. Catch some vintage vibes from the photo gallery below.

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