Factory One in Flint, Michigan is a historically significant industrial site that holds great importance in the automotive industry. It is also known as the Durant-Dort Carriage Company Factory Complex. The complex played a crucial role in the early days of the automotive industry and the formation of General Motors (GM).

Factory One was established in 1886 by William C. Durant and Josiah Dallas Dort as the headquarters and manufacturing facility for the Durant-Dort Carriage Company. The company produced horse-drawn carriages and became one of the largest carriage manufacturers in the United States. Durant, who later became a prominent figure in the automotive industry, used Factory One as a base to expand his business ventures.

The Buick headquarters building is on the left; Factory #1 is behind it.

During the early 1900s, as the demand for automobiles increased, Durant transitioned from carriages to automobiles. In 1904, Factory One started producing Buick automobiles, which eventually became one of the foundational brands of General Motors. Buick’s success led to the formation of General Motors in 1908, with Durant as its first president. Factory One served as the birthplace of GM, hosting the company’s headquarters until 1919.

The Factory One complex itself is an architectural gem, featuring a blend of late Victorian and early 20th-century industrial design. It consists of several interconnected buildings that housed various manufacturing processes, offices, and warehouses. The buildings are made of red brick and feature large windows, tall ceilings, and distinctive architectural details.

In addition to its historical significance, Factory One now serves as a museum and event space. General Motors has restored the complex to preserve its heritage and showcases the evolution of transportation and the automotive industry. Visitors can explore exhibits on carriages, early automobiles, Buick history, and the founding of General Motors.

Factory One in Flint stands as a testament to the pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial vision that shaped the automotive industry in the United States. Its historical and cultural significance make it an important landmark in Flint’s industrial history and a must-visit destination for automotive enthusiasts and history buffs alike.