To say that trucks are hot these days would be a tremendous understatement, and we’re not talking about just the classic fat-fendered ’50s pickups – which are still, and always will be popular. The Ford F-series of pickups has been a favorite hot rodding canvas for years and there is no sign of them slowing down, however the era of truck being modified is definitely a moving target.

The Ford F100 was introduced in 1953 and like all long-lasting models, it has transformed over the years to follow trends, safety guidelines, consumer desires, and of course, the overall styling. There are catalogs of replacement components for early models, and the market continues to grow strong for the later models including bumpsides (’67-’72), dentsides (’73-’79), with the ’80-’86 models and even ’90s versions starting to come on strong.

We decided to take a look at some of the parts available to help restore or build an F100 with a focus on the ’61–’86 models. There are plenty of parts available for both restoration and upgrades, with new parts and systems coming soon as aftermarket companies continue to R&D and innovate cool truck components. Take a look and be sure to reach out to these companies for any questions or needs you may have on your later F100 project!

Speedway Motors

Billet Surrounds

You spend a lot of time looking through the steering wheel at your gauges, so why not make your Ford’s dash look as good as possible? Speedway Motors offers a slick polished billet aluminum dash for ’61-’66 F100 trucks.

The CNC-machined billet panel bolts right into the original dash and secures six gauges; a 3-3/8-inch speedometer and tach with four 2-1/16-inch auxiliary positions. These sizes mean most aftermarket gauges will fit, but Speedway can fill those holes with their own six-pack of gauges. The dash panel also has 5/32-inch holes to hold LED bulbs for turn signals and bright light indicators.

Total Cost Involved, TCI

IFS and 4-Link

Early F100s have never been known to ride comfortably or handle particularly well. Total Cost Involved can help you change that with their 4-Link Rear Suspension and a complete Independent Front Suspension for early-’60s trucks. The 4-Link setup is provided with height-adjustable coil-overs and will allow you to fine tune the rear setup to eliminate hop and provide greater axle control.

Up front, TCI’s Pro-Touring IFS features their custom-designed spindles with bolt-on steering arms to maximize the performance aspects of the suspension geometry, including camber gain, bump steer, Ackerman angle, scrub radius, kingpin inclination, instant center, and more. The Pro-Touring IFS utilizes OEM-spec disc brakes, ball joints, and rack-and-pinion so replacement parts are readily available, and RideTech Million Mile Warranty coil-overs are standard equipment.

Vintage Air

F100 Cool

You might think your truck is cool – but does your passenger agree? Vintage Air now offers a Gen IV Sure Fit kit, their most powerful and intelligent system, for ’73-’79 Ford F100 dentside pickups. This system is based on a fully electronic microprocessor control system that eliminates cables and vacuum connections. The separate, high-capacity, parallel-flow copper heating coils and aluminum plate-and-fin cooling coils provide outstanding performance and infinite “just right” temperature air blends, blower fan speed adjustments, and high-volume dehumidified defrost.

The kit includes a direct-fit, three-lever, fully electronic, LED-backlit control panel that replaces the factory unit. The factory A/C kit uses the original in-dash louvers, and new OEM-style in-dash louvers are included with non-factory A/C systems. The Gen IV SureFit air conditioning system complete kit is available for all six- and eight-cylinder factory-A/C and non-factory-A/C trucks and requires minimal modifications to the original firewall. They also offer a new system available for ’80-’86 F100s!

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