On the way to the recent Pangbourne College car show the Sport Coupe lost all electrical power, this was a first after 10 years of ownership.

Checked all the usual like battery and other connections with nothing obvious found.

Decided to remove the dash as the ignition switch was a suspect. To remove the dash the speedo cable needed to be disconnected from the gearbox. To allow access to the cable bracket the floor needed to be lifted and supported with the “special tool”

Don’t really like the replacement reproduction ignition switch, but it does the job

After putting the car back together and testing the issue reoccurred. Tested the kill switch which was all OK.

A little bit baffled as there are only a few things that could cause the issue. Luckily it reoccurred. Bridged out the kill switch which made no difference and confirmed the earlier diagnosis. I then moved the safety fuse and the power was back!

The safety use was removed, The fuse holder was then sprayed with contact cleaner and the fuse and holder given a clean up with abrasive. Then the fuse was reinstalled. Let’s see what happens next time out!