Engine Project for the Model A Sport Coupe

Engine Project for the Model A Sport Coupe


As part of future proofing the Model A, picked up an unfinished engine project, first task is to review what we have and what we need in terms of parts and effort

The block looks in good shape and appears to be a 30 and has been bored and sleeved back to standard. Babbitt looks OK, crankshaft looks in good shape subject to measurement. Camshaft and timing gear will most likely be replaced. May look at a slightly hotter camshaft during the build. The engine also came with two oil pumps and some other duplicate parts which will be reviewed, along with a nice restored oil pan.

Whilst looking at the engine number I noticed that the 1, 6.9 looked a little odd. This is explained by the text on the right (Source Steve Plucker)

The main cap babbitt also looks OK with the exception of the rear main which has some damage. An additional main cap with decent has been supplied so will need to take a call later down the line

The original pistons are still on the rod and the babbitt also looks OK. New pistons and rings have been provided.

A good number of other new parts were part of the haul. Valves and guides, adjustable tappets, valve springs, head studs, babbitt shims, oil drain pipe to name but a few.

Upon examination it would appear that at least some of the engine components have their origin in Argentina, further investigation to be carried out!

Watch this space for future updates

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