Took a trip to Beaulieu for the 2023 International Autojumble, which as you can see was very well attended by a very international cohort.

As usual Bonhams have an onsite auction and there is an Automart to compliment the Autojumble, above are the American vehicles up for sale.

My friend’s John and Meg had good traffic at their Model A stall.

The above is not an American vehicle but it’s so stunning I had to share. The car was built by Andy Saunders and it’s called “Deja” and it’s inspired by the French Art Deco school of coachbuilding. Amazing considering it’s based on a rusty old Riley!

Very nice example of a Hall-Scott engine

Some other items spotted along the way. Ford Sales and Service sign, nice, £695 out of the budget! Also spotted a MAFCA badge, but at £75 not biting 🙂 Cans also being offered at a premium.