Love them or hate them, most of us will remember the public release of the Chrysler PT Cruiser, with the first models hitting production lines in early-2000 for the 2001 model year. The retro-styled compact car certainly made waves. During the PT Cruiser’s 10-year run, Chrysler made 1.35 million models to keep up with public demand, a surprising number to those who love to loathe them.

Hurtan, a coachbuilding company set in Spain, embraces the PT Cruiser’s retro styling and bumps up the vintage vibes. While PT Cruiser designer Bryan Nesbitt (who also designed the Chevrolet HHR), shaped the PT Cruiser to take styling cues from 1930s vintage cars, Hurtan takes the overall design a step further.

Hurtan’s coachbuilt PT Cruiser, named the “Author Berlina,” is offered in sedan or convertible body styles. The rounded roofline is reminiscent of the original production car, but then the lines flow into a pre-war body style with pronounced fenders, a vintage Bugatti-like grille, rounded headlights, fog lights and taillights, and a continental kit in the rear.

The interior received a more luxurious revamp with many traits of the original PT Cruiser still evident. We assume that by contacting the company, customers can specify specific options for customization to make the car their own.

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