Choosing the perfect hue for your engine build can be tricky. Not only does the color need to be perfect, it has to hold up to the hot, abusive environment of an engine bay–which rules out most coatings. For this 1970 GTO, the choice was obvious: it had to be Pontiac Metallic Blue, and the enamel had to come from our friends at POR-15. Follow along in this episode of Hemmings Garage, presented by POR-15 as we clean, prep, and paint the engine.

When the car first came home, it was a survivor–not running, but complete and intact. It had been stored in a warehouse in the high desert of California, was largely rust free, and packed its original 400/4spd combo. It didn’t run. I didn’t care.This was my high school bedroom poster materialized.

The plan was to leave the original patina intact, restore the mechanical bits, and return the goat to the road. But the plan–as plans often do–changed.

1970 GTO Restoration

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