Dream Cruise Muscles Up on the Fun Factor – From the Detroit Bureau by Michael Strong

Interesting article on the latest world famous Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit from the Detroit Bureau, click here to read on

Woodward Dream Cruise 2017 Detroit Bureau

Woodward Dream Cruise 2017

For those of you that don’t know what the Woodward Dream Cruise actually is take a look here


NSRA Show 2017

From Mustang Manic’s Blog

Mustang Maniac

Last weekend Mustang Maniac and friends headed out to the National Street Rod Association show in Bedfordshire which is always a good day out and a popular show. The sun was out and so was the vast array of cars that turned up. So without much more waffling from us, here are some of the pics from the show:

Adam just can’t seem to get away from “that” John Wick by the car pose!

Yogi was chillin’ and says his new foot attire matches his car!


We have had a first sample or trial of some new ’64 – ’66 tail light lenses. These are clear and look best on the LED Euro boards we stock. Now we can imagine that you either love these or hate them. So thanks to Lance who kindly took them of our hands to try them in his ’65.

Let us know your…

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Updated And Revised 2018 Great Race Route

I have been advised that the 2018 route of the Great Race has been revised and updated.  The locations of the overnight stops and the lunch stops have been provided  The new route is shown below.

Updated And Revised 2018 Great Race Route

I think that the revised portions of the route through Maine and New Brunswick are better and I like the idea of spending more time in Nova Scotia.  I will miss not going over into Prince Edward Island, but I understand the scheduling issues.

It is good to see that the route will visit Mount Washington, where there have been many hill climb events held there since the 1930s.

Scene From A Past Hill Climb At Mount Washington

Note that the locations identified in red are overnight stops and those locations in blue are lunch stops.

If you have any comments or questions about this post, then…

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The Auto Roller Coaster By Gary Swilik

History of the West Park Neighborhood
Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Believe it or not in Ohio between 1928 to  1956 you could drive your car on a roller coaster!

Article by Gary Swilik

Auto Roller Coaster

Auto Roller Coaster

From the moment people discovered it was fun to ride down hills in anything on wheels the development of the roller coaster was probably inevitable. The first real roller coaster, with cars locked onto a track, was built in Paris in 1817. By the 1920s no amusement park was complete without an impressive roller coaster. Many remember that West Park had their own world-class coaster –  The Cyclone – which ran at Puritas Springs Park from 1928 to 1956. Far fewer know there was once a roller coaster for automobiles near Cleveland Airport.

Auto Roller Coaster

Auto Roller Coaster

Yes, a roller coaster for cars. People paid a fee to drive their automobile over a series of eleven hills on a U-shaped elevated roadway constructed of wood. The peak of each hill was nine feet high and the distance from crest to crest was 112 feet. For about a dime riders could experience the thrills and chills of a roller coaster without leaving their own car. Read the rest of Gary’s article here