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How did this RARE MUSCLE CAR end up HERE?! – @DennisCollins Coffee Walk


Another excellent find from Dennis and the team

Welcome to Coffee Walk Ep. 152! This past week we took off from the shop in Wylie, Texas and set out for a 1,000 mile one-day round-trip up to Alton, Missouri to rescue a 1967 Mustang that is said to be in the most desirable color with the two most sought after mechanical options. How in the world did that car end up here?! Well sit back, grab your cup of joe and give it a watch to find out!

A century later, Tin Can Tourists continue to promote life on the road – Daniel Strohl @Hemmings


Long before today’s #vanlife movement, another generation of travelers and wanderers who carried their houses around with them put down some roots, so to say, as the Tin Can Tourists, a group that celebrates 100 years of “autocamping” this year.

Even after Ford’s Model T put many Americans on the road starting in 1908, those roads remained unpaved messes, prompting Carl Fisher and other likeminded entrepreneurs to start instigating for paved highways criss-crossing the country. One of those, Fisher’s Dixie Highway, connected the Midwest to Florida and made seasonal long-distance vacation travel possible for middle-class motorists.

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