Chrysler Years of Progress – 1924 – 1941 – King Rose Archives @YouTube

1924 to 1941. Start with caveman and journey ahead to the modern Chrsyler corporation with its industrial might. See traffic, freeways, designers, engineers, factories and cars on the road.

Chrysler cars, 1924-1966 – J.P. Joans @allpar.com

The first Chrysler cars were introduced on January 5, 1924, at the New York Automobile Show — one year before Chrysler Corporation itself was created. These cars, launched by Maxwell Motors, had a revolutionary new six-cylinder, high-compression engine, a seven-bearing crankshaft, carburetor aircleaner, replaceable oil filter — and four-wheel hydraulic brakes. Features like this had never been offered in a… Read More ›

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