Edsel B. Ford – Condensed from several articles in 1989, by Edsel owner Ron Osborn, Drawings by Harry Bradley

Edsel Bryant Ford

A nice compilation of articles on Edsel Ford from the Edsel owners club website

Edsel’s Roadsters

Edsel Ford 32

Edsel Ford 32


Edsel Ford 34

You can read the article here


The Famous Horse Beating 1932 Ford “Pete Henderson” Roadster Sold for $192,500 at RM Sotheby’s Hershey Auction

1932 Ford

1932 Ford “Pete Henderson” Roadster


As the story goes, back in 1944, a guy with a quick quarter horse won countless bets challenging hot cars to a race. This roadster, however, had a reputation as the quickest car in the San Fernando Valley. With Pete Henderson behind the wheel, in a specially staged race held in La Habra, and witnessed by a large crowd, including speed equipment gurus Vic Edelbrock Sr., Ed Winfield, and Phil Weiand, this deuce was the only car that ever won. Ernie McAfee took a famous grainy photo showing the roadster edging out the horse. Noted hot rod racer Ak Miller and writer Gray Baskerville always said they could trace the origins of ¼-mile drag racing to that famous contest.

The full listing can be found here



The McGee Roadster : Hot Rod Legend

The McGee Deuce roadster, one of the most iconic hot rods ever, is now the focus of an exciting full-length documentary by the Historic Vehicle Association. Packed with vintage and contemporary action footage, and interviews with guys like Ed Iskenderian, the roadster’s current owner, Bruce Meyer, and TRJ senior contributor Pat Ganahl and senior editor Greg Sharp, the film captures the spirit of the car and the era it was born from. Click here to see a one-minute teaser and the full 20-minute documentary.

Ford Flathead V8 History – Racing in Retrospect, Mid State Antique Stock Car Club



Really Good series of articles on the various aspects of  Henry’s wonderful Flathead V8 on  the Racing in Retrospect website from the Mid State Antique Stock Car Club.

Read on here

So you want to build a ’32 Ford Roadster? – Blog

So you want to build a '32 Ford Roadster?

So you want to build a ’32 Ford Roadster?

The blog hasn’t been updated for some time but contains good information

Rodder’s Journal – Flatheads Everything you wanted to know about Henry’s first V8, all in one place.

There is a great Flathead resource right here at the Rodder’s Journal

Rodder's Journal - Flathead Archives

Rodder’s Journal – Flathead Archives

This is a great collection of books on the venerable flattie!

As always Rodder’s Journal is the place to go!

Henry Ford Random Patents #6 US 1850006 A Brake

Henry Ford Random Patents #6

Brake US 1850006 A


Henry published patent US 1850006 A in March 1932

The patent detailed a new improved braking system

It appears he was still sticking doggedly to the mechanical operation of brakes at this time.

You can see the full details here

A Top-Notch Classic: Dean Scott’s 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster – Lindsey Fisher Rod Authority

Excellent article from Lindsey Fisher at Rod Authority taking a close look at Dean Fisher’s 32 Highboy. Read it here

Dean Scott’s 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster

Dean Scott’s 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster

Dean Scott's 32 Highboy

Dean Scott’s 32 Highboy

Congratulations to Darryl Hollenbeck and His ’32 Ford—The 2016 AMBR Winner (Rodders Journal)

Love this years AMBR winner from Darryl Hollenbeck, how about the colour?

Congratulations to Darryl Hollenbeck and His '32 Ford—The 2016 AMBR Winner Congratulations to Darryl Hollenbeck and His ’32 Ford—The 2016 AMBR Winner

See more here from the Rodders Journal