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Notebook of Poetry Penned by Bonnie and Clyde Set to Go on Auction – Meilan Solly


The volume features poems written by the outlaw duo during their Depression-era crime spree, like it or not Bonnie and Clyde are intrinsically linked to cars and particularly the Ford Flathead V8

Bonnie Parker’s poetry has long provided a portal into the fleeting lives of Depression-era America’s most notorious pair of outlaws. But as Alison Flood reports for the Guardian, a newly revealed notebook once owned by the couple suggests Parker wasn’t the only one to try her hand at creative writing. The volume, set to go on auction this April alongside a trove of photographs, includes a poem ostensibly written in Clyde Barrow’s spelling error-filled scrawl

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TJ Russell’s 1933 Plymouth HotRod


TJ Russell fabricates Porsche as his day job but his real passion is for hot rodding. To that end here’s his superb 1933 Plymouth Hotrod. The body is the only original part left!

Great photo shoot here on Roadkill Customs

The workmanship is incredible as you can see.

The engine is a former marine Hemi and all the trim has been modified, copper plated and then distressed giving a superb patina’d look

As you can see in the videos TJ drives his s*** and isn’t a stranger to burnouts and donuts

This video has a good walk-through of the car by John Chase at Hoonigan followed by a tyre burning fest!




Orrin W. Fox’s Used Car Lot in Pasadena California – From The Old Motor


Orrin W. Fox’s used car lot was located at 2345 East Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California, when this promotional photo for Fox, dated by the source was taken in 1933. 126 more words

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